Battlecruiser (Classification) Edit

Battlecruisers are medium-sized, fast, well-armed warships. Most Battlecruisers have strong weapons but weaker shields, with the notable exceptions of the Emperor-Class Battlecruiser and the Cau'lestai-class Stealth Battlecruiser.

In the Republic Grand Navy, Battlecruisers, specifically the Emperor-class, are the most prolific ships in the fleet, with 9,502 Emperor-class MK-III Battlecruisers in service. Two other, lesser-known battlecruiser classes that the Republic fields are the Spear-class Light Battlecruiser and the Thunder-class Support Battlecruiser, although the Thunder-class fits more in the class of Torpedo-boat, and only holds the Battlecruiser classification due to its size.